Caravan Salon Dusseldorf, Germany, Campers

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So, late night we arrived on the large parking area P1. Where we could spend the night with the camper and other camper owners from all over Europe.

On the next day, early in the morning we were so surprised how many campers were there.

A hundreds, thousands…??? We really couldn’t count all of them. But we met so many nice other camper owners.

Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2019 was opened daily from Saturday, 31 August, to Sunday, 8 September.

There was a free shuttle bus which takes you to the Caravan Centre and back.

We bought an entrance ticket for 2 days to see everything.

During 10 days manufactures presented their latest vehicle models, innovations, technical parts, accessories, tents, holiday distanations and so many other products on an area of 230, 000 square meters

WOW, we were delighted to see the models from the mini-caravans fair to the most luxurious motorhomes for any taste and every budget

There were more than 130 caravan and motorhome brands which you could look them interiours inside. What we also did )

In our opinion, doesn’t matter who you are old or young, camper enthusiasts or camper lover, and maybe even buyer you should visit the Caravan salon 2020 what started

From 29 August to 6 September 2020 ( 28 August Trade Visitors Day) in Düsseldorf.

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