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Mini roadtrip of CampDrive in The Netherlands 2019

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Hi all! And welcome to our blog of! We are glad to see you here and tell our stories/travels!  Something short about our roadtrip; We visited the following lovely places:

♥ Winterswijk

♥ Muider

♥ Calantsoog

♥ Apenheul, Apeldoorn

♥ Burgers' Zoo, Arnhem

What we did there?

♥ Winterswijk 00:36

In the Youtube video you can see that we first visited Winterswijk. We stayed for one night in a hotel and the next day we went to visit a small but very nice little animal farm! The service was very nice over there, and you can visit it for FREE! A small donation is asked at the door, you can give willingly what you want to give. I would recommend to go here for a visit, coffee and cake.

♥ Muider 03:26 

We got lost in Muider on our roadtrip to Avenhoorn, and we thought we arrived at the correct location, but we found a nice little church close to the beach, with a very nice pastor. He told us when we came inside how the history of the romantic church past. Also he told about the amazing features of the church wispered all the information we needed or not needed. Anyway, we really had a honourable time, and we got a lot to know about the church and its history. I think if we wouldn't got lost and didn't visit the church, it would be like bread without the butter, or a hamburger without the meat. 
Ow and the pastor speaks 4 languages :)

♥ Muider 03:26 Source:
The Muiderslot is a castle located in Muider. The history of the castle has been one of great contrasts. Over the years it has often endured cannon fire, along with the smell of fear and the sweat of knights engaged in battle, while in times of peace there has been the warmth of fires burning in the hearths, mingled with the sweet scent of roasting meat coated with herbs. While the chilling cries of tortured prisoners have echoed around the thick walls, so too have the sweet sounds of poets reciting sonnets and the voices of guests singing in harmony. Today, the most prominent sound is that of excited children playing at being knights and ladies. The castle has always been surrounded by water, which could sometimes be a hostile enemy, but has also served as a good friend and ally. The castle has sometimes suffered from neglect and was even in danger of being torn down, but, more often, it has been cared for and lovingly restored, and now stands in proud splendour for anyone who wants to learn more about its turbulent history.

♥ Callantsoog 06:04

Source: Wikipedia 
Callantsoog is a town in the Dutch province of North Holland. It is a part of the municipality of Schagen, and lies about 18 km south of Den Helder. Callantsoog was a separate municipality until 1990, when it was merged with Zijpe.[1] Since 1990, the area of Callantsoog had made part of the municipalities of Zijpe, Den Helder, and Anna Paulowna. In 2012, Anna Paulowna has become part of the new municipality of Hollands Kroon, and in 2013, Zijpe merged with Schagen into the new municipality of Schagen. For that reason the area of Callantsoog has made part of the municipalities of Schagen, Den Helder and Hollands Kroon since 2013. Callantsoog has the oldest official nude beach of the country, dating from 1973. It is a sandy beach 1.5 kilometres (0.93 mi) to the south.[2]In 2001, the town of Callantsoog had 1956 inhabitants. The built-up area of the town was 0.58 km², and contained 899 residences.[3] The wider statistical area "Callantsoog" has a population of around 2580.[4] This includes also the village of Groote Keeten and the hamlet of Abbestede north of Callantsoog itself.

♥ Apenheul, Apeldoorn 07:13

Apenheul, also called for Dutchies Monkey Hill. As you can view in the video the monkeys are really sweet and tender! It's an amazing park where you almost can touch the monkeys when they walk next to you. If you are lucky, and sit down on the sidewalk some little monkeys come and touch you. NO, it is not allowed to touch the monkeys, but the can touch you. When we visited them, they stole a camera from another visitor. Our advice is to keep your pockets sealed, or get a special monkey backpack at the entree. Also there is a very big park closeby where you can sit and relax in the evening!

♥ Burgers' Zoo, Arnhem 10:13

We also went to Burgers' Zoo, yeah this is the correct way to write it :) it's a very nice zoo with lots of different kind of animals. And you also can interact with the animals a little bit. They have also a very big aquarium, the fish can swim in a very large bassin. I guess it took us about 6 hours to walk through the park and had a nice day. 

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CampDrive is actually 2 names in one. We have a camper and we like to drive with it!

So in short it will be Camp Drive. We started many projects including building, repairing, prepairing and so much more with vans and campers. 

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What does CampDrive mean?

CampDrive is actually 2 names in one. We have a camper and we like to drive with it!

So in short it will be Camp Drive. And we are online, so the obvious short term for our company would be CampDrive.
But also 'Camp 'n Drive' is our motto!
We started many projects including building, repairing, prepairing and so much more with vans and campers.
We decide to make a full YouTube channel about it. For more information you can always check there or on our Instagram.

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