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3x Action Camera 4K


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About the campaign

For making the best videos online and inform you to the latest builds and products, we would like to film everything with these camera's to start with. Later when we become more professional, we can apply for more professional camera's! 

Each one cost about 69 euro, and the reviews are alright for this product!

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3x Action Camera 4K

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What does CampDrive mean?

CampDrive is actually 2 names in one. We have a camper and we like to drive with it!

So in short it will be Camp Drive. And we are online, so the obvious short term for our company would be CampDrive.
But also 'Camp 'n Drive' is our motto!
We started many projects including building, repairing, prepairing and so much more with vans and campers.
We decide to make a full YouTube channel about it. For more information you can always check there or on our Instagram.

New workstation

We would like a new workstation. For our videos and rendering we are in search of a new workstation. This must ..
  Start date: Feb, 23 2020   End date: Jun, 23 2020
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€ 1,000.00 Goal

3x Action Camera 4K

  Start date: Feb, 24 2020   End date: May, 30 2020
€ 0.00 Raised
€ 200.00 Goal
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